Degens Assemble!

A Degen Through The Ages

Our Degen travels through history, repping styles only the most fashionable degens would have worn in those times.

Don't believe us? Have you seen him?

A sherriff with finger guns, and a ballcap? A caveman Degen? How about a modern day Degen rocking a squiggle shirt? There are 2,300 Degens with so many combinations of traits, we are confident you will not only love the frog you mint, but will want to rock as your PFP.

Did we mention that everything is 100% hand drawn in-house by PartySkullz

Frog Culture and NFTs

Degen frogs are the most universally loved and recognized symbol of our space. Until this point there has not been a top quality frog PFP project with a team so deeply rooted in web3. That all changes with Degen Civilization.

Our three focuses when creating this collection were Nostalgia, Culture, and Memes. We're pretty sure we nailed it.

How does it work?

We're going to tell you what we're going to do...

...and then we're going to do it.

If you haven't heard of AlphaDoggg, we launched a two year pass a full year ago, and we've been delivering on everything we promised we would do.

100 tags were minted for 2 ETH each, and we've had two amazing art drops per month since we launched in April 2022.

We're really excited to create a new entry into the ecosystem with it's own set of benefits.

Earning XP

Every day that you hold a Degen (no staking required), you will accrue XP that will be used in the weeks and months after mint to enter raffles and auctions for NFT art from a variety of artists.

We will build upon this and the value/scarcity model to ensure we bring as much value to collectors as possible.

XP is a non-transferrable skill that you will see in your dashboard. You will have opportunities to redeem your XP, and continue to reap greater benefits for your total XP gained. More on that later.

We're bringing together pfp degens and art collectors

1/1s and Artist traits

We have 10 1/1s in the collection from artists including King Xerox, Matt Szczur, AD_AD, and P1A.

We also have attributes throughout the collection from artists like Ryan Talbot, Brandon Mighty, and more.

King Xerox really crushed this one eh?

See more by King Xerox

Nostalgia, Culture, Memes

What is this? What's happening?


What is Degen Civilization?

Degen Civilization is a generative collection on the Ethereum Blockchain. We are building a collection that brings together the two worlds of PFP collectors and art collectors, into a harmonious collective.

What is the Supply?

There will be 2300 Degens minted

Are these going to be sweet?

Heck yes!